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Grow a pair, Zuma

This whole affair about Brett Murray’s painting of Zuma’s exposed genitals is, quite frankly, a load of bollocks. But it has raised a number of troublesome issues regarding freedom of expression, censorship, the right to dignity and the role of art in society.

The Spear by Brett Murray (uncensored) – by clicking on this image you certify that you are aged 16 years or older (as per the Film and Publications Board idiotic rating)

So much has already been written about Zuma’s dangling tottie that I don’t want to rehash the whole cock and balls story. In summary, however: Yes, ‘The Spear’ and its encompassing exhibition titled ‘Hail to the Thief II’ would have hardly made a blip on the popular consciousness if the ANC had done the sensible thing by ignoring it. Yes, the ensuing shitstorm of publicity has raised Brett Murray’s profile into the stratosphere. And yes, the sudden escalation of hysteria – culminating in the painting’s unauthorised defacement – has made rational discussion impossible. Continue reading

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Blog Reboot

It’s been over two years since I last published a blog. In that time, I’ve been busy renovating my house (an utterly horrendous experience) and puttering around on a number of other projects. Now, I’ve returned with a new website and have decided to get back in the saddle to resume blogging a dead horse.

While this news may not exactly set the world on fire, I’m looking forward to exercising my writing muscles on something other than corporate work. So, here’s to a fresh start in which I promise to mouth-off intermittently about things that peak my interest.

And for the record, I have re-posted all my old blogs that were previously published on another website. You can find these rather dated diatribes below.

I trust you will enjoy my unashamedly self-involved rantings, and feel free to comment. Because life’s all about telling other people what you think. IMHO.

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