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  1. Kate Busschau says:

    Great blog – though the Loverly Jubilees picture was actually from a T-shirt being sold on a website called shotdeadinthehead.com, not the Sun newspaper (they just reported on it). Not sure even the Sun would be that risqué!

  2. This is so last week. Everybody and his dog has already spouted all there is to say. Boring.

  3. puma says:

    It’s a good post.

  4. Joel Kanar says:

    I’ve found that sitting nearer to the screen offers a better angle and less to no head tilt compared to the ones at the very back where reclining is impossible without neck strain. I haven’t ordered from the set menu, as you said, when it comes to food of that nature, presentation is half of the experience and that aspect is rendered moot due to the darkened cinema. Still, if I can, Prestige is the only cinema that I choose to visit for the latest films.

  5. Gabriel Rybko says:

    Uh-Ah! Prometheus may be in the same universe as Alien but it most certainly is not a prequel. On another note, sit closer to the screen so you wont have to tilt your head. This also means that no one sits around you AND you see the movie before the other cinema occupants.

    Great post though! Keep it up 🙂

  6. Dominic says:

    Yay for Monday night movies! I remember engaging properly with Apocalypse Now on your huge back-projected TV. I think that changed my life. And since you’ve given Prometheus the thumbs-up, I think I’ll crawl out of my own hole and go give it a try.

    • Thanks Dom! That makes me happy! And go see Prometheus – it ain’t perfect but Ridley’s still the man. Plus it’s got the best mouth-rape scene in recent memory…

  7. Frank "Maniac" Bailey says:

    1) Cheers
    2) WKRP in Cincinatti
    3) Three’s Company
    4) Dynasty
    5) Sesame Street
    6) The Jeffersons
    7) L.A. Law
    8) Hill Street Blues
    9) M*A*S*H
    10) Mr Belvedere


  8. WilliYum says:

    WKRP in Cincinatti
    OK we suck. Had to cheat by looking up Frank’s reply…!

  9. Anthony Rosmarin says:

    Apparently you aren’t allowed to take class action against the role, each case needs to dealth with individually, all 83 000 of them! This could take years…

  10. Pam says:

    Good luck – I’ve tried the fight.. but too big – on a smallholding in the cradle – 1 house – 1 title deed – big BUT – municipal rates for agricultural holding, municipal rates for residential – although there is no water, no sewerage – basically no services – we do our own refuse removal – have our own boreholes – even pay the astronical bills to eskom directly – still 2 bills and worse – no services. (thank heavens actually – I’d probably have to join service delivery strikes – unfortunately striking by not paying my rates for a no delivery isn’t really an option… or is it?)

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  12. WilliYum says:

    Yes Frank! Consider yourself silenced! 🙂 ha ha ha David, thought the idea was to generate traffic, not silence it!

  13. WilliYum says:

    I take that back! Frank, Help!!!
    David you are a Fiend. This is going to bug me all night

  14. WilliYum says:

    OK I think between the two of us we got like 3… if that. Bastardo! Send the mail….

  15. Kate Busschau says:

    Well I’ve spent far too long trying to figure these out – some sound annoyingly familiar, others I don’t recognise at all so at least I can take comfort in the knowledge that I wasn’t a complete telly nerd growing up! Go on, put me out of my misery – I’ve only managed to guess 4 so far….

  16. Kate Busschau says:

    Oops, sorry if I’ve sent you the same comment a few times – been having a few browser issues… 🙁

  17. Frank Bailey says:

    I love a good meta-curry myself.

  18. Frank Bailey says:

    Speaking to the subject at hand, though – I haven’t watched broadcast television or read local newspapers or listened to the radio in roughly five years. I feel like South Africa might be where I live but my cultural existence most certainly isn’t nurtured by SA “culture”.

  19. Joel Kanar says:

    At least you weren’t forced to watch Mad Buddies! I had an opportunity to interview the cast in a post screening junket but flaked because I simply could not bring myself to ask anything that wasn’t insulting in some capacity.

  20. William says:

    I watched Koos Kombuis live the other night at the Blou Hond. It was an education.

  21. Joel Kanar says:

    I think I recognised Sanford and Son and The Golden Girls, otherwise I’m beat.

  22. William says:

    Yes! SoundHound Rocks!! Recognised most but could not name them. Still stuck on Track 1 though…

  23. William says:

    Only if you get caught David. Frankly I should get a golden parachute, an honourable mention and a cushy job at the helm of some government driven parastatal and my own goddam blue light brigade!

  24. Terri ash says:

    Part 3…. Here goes!

  25. Frank Bailey says:

    I’ve got six so far, have decided to enlist the help of my sister.

  26. Frank Bailey says:

    1. Benson
    2. The Odd Couple
    3. Who’s the Boss
    4. Silver Spoons
    5. Mad About You
    6. Family Ties
    10. All in the Family

    Those missing three are driving me up the wall, it’s time to give us the answers David!!!!

    • Sorry for the delay, Frank. Been busy! I’ve just updated the post with a link to the answers – see above. But just so you know, the missing three are Taxi (tankyouverymuch), Wings, and Mork and Mindy – nanoo nanoo.

  27. When you’re ready, go for part three!

  28. Tony says:

    Any joy getting this sorted out – I know two others who have the same problem ….

    • Hi – I’ve updated the post with an addendum detailing all the latest information at my disposal. Short answer: lodge an objection in the meantime. Perhaps consolidate the stands in the long term. But check your latest account because mine mysteriously corrected itself in July! Good luck!

      • Sue Steyn says:

        HI David, any updates on this? I also have a double stand, had one revalued at zero twice now but value keeps popping back up again. Objected to latest valuation roll. Electricity meter has also been billed on each stand so I’m off to COJ to get them to reverse duplicate charges. Have also been charged water & sanitation and refuse on each stand – is that right?

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  32. […] And Malema is a troll – no doubt about it. He knows that as long as he is in the news, he is alive. So he makes sure he stays in the news by saying things that either appeal to people or make their blood boil – often at the same time. And the newspapers lovingly repeat every word. Why do they oblige such an obvious tactic? Because, in South Africa, nothing draws eyeballs like Julius Malema – apart from Zuma’s penis. […]

  33. Gabriel says:

    Ahh NYC, what a place! Glad to see you guys are having fun…
    Be sure to pick up a traditional bagel with cream cheese for the best experience

  34. andrew says:

    Thanks for highlighting this. I am a regular rates payer, and was confused at the sight of the market value of my standt sitting at R790 000, according to CoJ. I will caertainly lodge an objection.

  35. Naomi Dinur says:

    We are strongly opposed to the plans for a mixed-use township development scheme which will establish a township comprising 8000 low-cost houses, public schools and shopping centres in the area between Club Street and Modderfontein Road up to the Alphen lodge and Inyoni old age homes.

    This development exposes the community to severe health risks. The land designated for development in the Rietfontein hospital area (now Sizwe) contains 7000 graves of people and animals who have died from serious contagious diseases like Ebola, Anthrax, smallpox, foot-and-mouth disease and others. Some of these diseases are known to stay dormant in the soil for hundreds of years, only to be released when they are airborne. Disturbing this soil could lead to an untold epidemic affecting thousands of people!

    The small medical dig sample which has been carried out is definitely not a conclusive indication at all, as there is no record as to how and where each of the disease carriers has been buried. It is further important to note that the proposed development stands over a graveyard of 7000 graves of all races and faiths¸ with numerous Christian and Jewish graves, all of which will be desecrated should the development take place.

    There are further serious concerns about the natural habitat and eco-system of the flora and fauna (wild monkeys live in the area, to mention just one of the endangered animals), and this will be destroyed once the development is underway. It is inconceivable that such destruction should be allowed to go unhindered.

    Furthermore, the development of this scheme will pose great risks with regard to safety and crime levels, security, infrastructure, environment and sanitation; and will result in unacceptable and increased traffic congestion on the roads leading to the N1, the OR Tambo Airport, Eastgate shopping centres and other developments in the area. It will also result in the inevitable reduction of property values in all the surrounding areas, which have become suburbs of choice over the years for the multitude of citizens who live and work there. .

    We take the strongest exception to this proposed development and call on the developers and the local municipality to prevent it from going ahead in the interests of the thousands of households, men, women and children, animals and nature, whose lives and futures will be at risk should it be given permission to continue.

  36. Marian Laserson says:

    I have a number of comments:

    1. At a presentation by the town planning firm, Urban Dynamics, on 10 September 2014 in Edenvale, the project was shown as quite different from the original tender. (You can get the presentation off the Urban Dynamics web site.) The project has now grown to over 10 000 dwellings for sale under sectional titles, mostly in blocks of flats more then 4 storeys. This is significant, because any building higher than three storeys must have a lift and any building with a lift is too expensive for the “gap market” or for affordable housing. Only a very few single family houses are shown, mostly the development is envisaged as 60 dwellings per hectare.


  37. Marian Laserson says:

    More: Point 2. Your assertion that the property is 17 000 hectares in extent is a huge joke. The portion intended to be developed is about 190 ha.

    Point 3. The developers have totally ignored the majority of the graves. We have records of people being buried there as late as 1953, so how dare they plough up these?! as well as the other 6 000 or 7 000?

    Point 4. The developers have totally ignored the heritage buildings and the history of the site as well as the importance of the archaeology of the rubbish dumps

    Point 5. There is a lot more, but please quit mentioning “Sandringham” in this connection. It is totally misleading, except for the fact that the proposed development includes the police station known as the Sandringham Police Station even though it is not in Sandringham.

  38. CT says:

    Cyril is being set-up for failure. Do Eskom, not possible, failed. Do E-toll, not possible, failed. Do Lesotho, not possible, failed. He will be known as the unachievable. Reason, Zuma want ex-wife, mother of his children, to be next president. No way she will jail the father of her children. Amnesty.

  39. W says:

    I am desperately trying to get out of SA. Why? because I have a little 5 year old girl who does not deserve to grow up in a country where she is a second class citizen, where murder and rape is normal. I hope all those ANC loving people abroad could come stay here under ANC rule.

  40. Marian Laserson says:

    I cannot comment because your comments are not in English

  41. Harmony says:

    Wow! It’s always nice to read the mind of the sufferer and the wrong doer. I loved what I read

  42. gavindale..clayton says:

    About sums up most Whites who were born and lived most of their lives during the Aparthrid era. Give them their due they fought ferociously to promote apartheid by fostering a fear of Swart Gevaar and Communism. That somehow they were the last bastion against these dangers. Ask anyone who served on the border. They felt terribly betrayed once Apartheid collapsed just after the USSR did and the situation became clearer. In my opinion the biggest hurt inflicted on all races was the Group areas act and the Bantustsns. I remember the bulldozers going in to flatten mixed residential areas like District 6 and South End in PE and people being moved to New areas based on their racial profile. Does anyone remember the pencil rest. Speaking to friends and fellow workers in my agegroup-I was born just as Paris was liberated-they all say that their greatest hurt was the physical destruction I their homes and forced removals. It destroyed families and was largely responsible for fang warfare in the new areas they had been moved to. There is an urgent need to forgive and help to heal past wounds.

  43. Shira says:

    Love your thinking- and your writing!

  44. Vix says:

    Here here Dave, it takes an urgent global threat to revolutionise thinking and mobilise response and I’m blown away at the measures our Government has implemented so rapidly to curb the spread and spare us from wipeout. I think every one of your notions should be tabled before our President (and the UN!), I pray that we don’t slip back into a state of inertia following our state of national disaster. Thanks for sharing!

  45. Bev Goldman says:

    I really like your ideas, Davidil, even if some of them are far too radical for the world to absorb or even contemplate. Wouldn’t it be good, though, if some were debated and given thought, especially the ones about the animals and redistributing wealth.
    Sadly, however, too much of mankind is too focused on its own happiness and comfort to care too much about others’ needs. We never learn from history and that’s one of our big mistakes.
    But we need thinkers like you to nudge us into different directions and plant seeds in our minds, however few or small they may be, and who knows but that somewhere some of them may take root and flourish.
    Don’t give up sharing your ideals with the world – change is possible – we must remember that always.
    Love you for this excellent piece.

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    Middlesbrough 1-3 West Ham : Andy Carroll scores twice for HammersThe Mirror had reported that Forest were favourites for the 18-year-old.

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