Name That Theme Song!

OK, here’s a treat for you! I’ve been playing around with my editing software and, just for fun, I compiled an audio montage of 10 beloved theme songs from popular TV shows of decades past. Can you name them all? It’s harder than you think!

TV Theme Songs Quiz – part 1

For the answers, click here

If you enjoyed this compilation, please forward the link to your friends and don’t forget to comment on the blog (not just on Facebook). If the response is good,  I’ll consider making more…

Oh, and my sincere apologies if I have infringed any copyrights. It’s not malicious. Just think of it as sampling [smiley face].

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4 thoughts on “Name That Theme Song!

  1. Frank "Maniac" Bailey says:

    1) Cheers
    2) WKRP in Cincinatti
    3) Three’s Company
    4) Dynasty
    5) Sesame Street
    6) The Jeffersons
    7) L.A. Law
    8) Hill Street Blues
    9) M*A*S*H
    10) Mr Belvedere


  2. WilliYum says:

    WKRP in Cincinatti
    OK we suck. Had to cheat by looking up Frank’s reply…!

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