The World’s Gone Mad(der)

I haven’t really got time to chat. I’m trying to get everything finished before I leave for a trip to Canada. No. I’m not going to claim refugee status. My brother lives there (legally) and he’s getting married.

But how about that story? You know, the one about the guy who has been living in Canada for years and has now claimed refugee status because he is being targeted by systematic racism perpetrated by the government and the criminal underworld against what people. What a doos!

And how stupid are those bleeding-heart Canadians who have fallen for his ploy. Look, crime is a problem in SA and if you feel you have to leave that is absolutely fine. But apply for emigration like a normal person – don’t drag down an entire nation with your personal paranoia. Anyway, Canada is welcome to Mr. Brandon Huntley. Let’s hope he likes Chinese people or else he is going to feel very uncomfortable on the streets of Toronto.

Actually, it seems like the last few days have brought a slew of utterly ludicrous news stories. Mo Shaik as the head of National Intelligence?! You cannot be serious. Talk about putting the lunatics in charge of the asylum. No offense to the Shaiks, but they are hardly beyond reproach when it comes to matters of legality. Let’s hope it’s just a silly rumour that will go away soon.

Next, here are three words I never thought I’d read together: ‘Axe-wielding ultra-Orthodox Jews’. No, it isn’t a scene from a new horror movie called ‘Night of the Living Dead Rabbis’, it’s some protest in Israel by a group of frummahs who are protesting the decision to open a nearby car park on the Sabbath. I kid you not.

Then, there’s the whole Caster Semenya gender controversy, the collapse of the SABC, the taxi industry shooting at busses because they are claiming ownership of routes that they neither built nor pay to maintain, the 18-year incarceration of a woman in California and dozens of other stories that simply beggar belief – all seasoned with the regular outbursts from Julius Malema. The only piece of sanity I’ve come across lately is the conviction of Judge Motata for drunk driving.

In short, I can’t take it anymore. Thank goodness I’m going to Canada where nothing happens. I need the rest. IMHO.

[Originally posted 02/09/2009]

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