Greek politician gets slap happy

South Africans are constantly moaning about the state of the country and the behaviour of our politicians etc. But the truth of the matter is that the entire planet is in the crapper and, all things considered, we aren’t doing so badly. That’s why I’m starting a new thread on this blog called ‘It Could Be Worse’ – a collection of bad news stories from around the world. If nothing else, this should give the whingers among us the perspective to understand that we’re all in the same boat…

First up, our basket case du jour is Greece. No surprises there. The country is bankrupt and facing expulsion from the Euro. The political system is in chaos. There are literally riots in the streets. Now, watch this clip in which a televised panel discussion goes tits up after the representative from a far right, neo-Nazi party (called the Golden Dawn) throws water in the face of one opponent then heartily slaps the shit out of the woman sitting next to him – three times. Who knew neo-Nazis had such bad tempers? They seem so fun loving.

Say what you like about our parliamentary circus, but at least South African politicians have the decency to take pot shots at each other through the media rather than with their fists. That’s gotta count for something, right?

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