Name That Theme Song – Part 2

There was a flurry of comments about my previous  TV Theme Song quiz – all right, 2 – so I decided to upload another compilation of  familiar tunes from 10 TV shows of blessed memory.

This time, I’ve prepared two versions: regular and hard (settle down). They contain the same themes in the same order, but the hard version has much shorter samples – for real TV geeks like Frank.

BTW, Frank, I haven’t made them too obscure because I want this to be accessible to people other than yourself. And this time don’t post the answers so blatantly – you spoilsport. I’m trying to get people to register on my site!

Click on the clip of your choice below and enjoy…

TV Theme Songs 2 – regular

TV Theme Songs 2 – hard

For the answers, click here

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13 thoughts on “Name That Theme Song – Part 2

  1. WilliYum says:

    Yes Frank! Consider yourself silenced! 🙂 ha ha ha David, thought the idea was to generate traffic, not silence it!

  2. WilliYum says:

    I take that back! Frank, Help!!!
    David you are a Fiend. This is going to bug me all night

  3. WilliYum says:

    OK I think between the two of us we got like 3… if that. Bastardo! Send the mail….

  4. Kate Busschau says:

    Well I’ve spent far too long trying to figure these out – some sound annoyingly familiar, others I don’t recognise at all so at least I can take comfort in the knowledge that I wasn’t a complete telly nerd growing up! Go on, put me out of my misery – I’ve only managed to guess 4 so far….

  5. Kate Busschau says:

    Oops, sorry if I’ve sent you the same comment a few times – been having a few browser issues… 🙁

  6. Frank Bailey says:

    I’ve got six so far, have decided to enlist the help of my sister.

  7. Frank Bailey says:

    1. Benson
    2. The Odd Couple
    3. Who’s the Boss
    4. Silver Spoons
    5. Mad About You
    6. Family Ties
    10. All in the Family

    Those missing three are driving me up the wall, it’s time to give us the answers David!!!!

    • Sorry for the delay, Frank. Been busy! I’ve just updated the post with a link to the answers – see above. But just so you know, the missing three are Taxi (tankyouverymuch), Wings, and Mork and Mindy – nanoo nanoo.

  8. When you’re ready, go for part three!

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