Name that Theme Song – part three

OK, you lucky people. You asked for it (in my dreams) so here it is – the third ‘Name that theme song’ quiz. This time I’ve focused on sitcoms from the 70s and 80s. So, prepare to travel back to the days of yore and see if you can name all 10 TV themes  included in the clip. But be warned, it isn’t all Jesse Frederick and Miller/Boyett. There are a couple of obscurities thrown in for good measure. And don’t even think about playing along if you were born after 1985. Stupid youngster!

As before, send me a comment crying ‘uncle’ and I’ll send you an email with the answers. I am trying to work out an elegant solution for providing the answers on-line but until then, you’re at my mercy.

You’re welcome!

Name That Theme Song – part 3

For the answers, click here


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6 thoughts on “Name that Theme Song – part three

  1. Joel Kanar says:

    I think I recognised Sanford and Son and The Golden Girls, otherwise I’m beat.

  2. William says:

    Yes! SoundHound Rocks!! Recognised most but could not name them. Still stuck on Track 1 though…

  3. William says:

    Only if you get caught David. Frankly I should get a golden parachute, an honourable mention and a cushy job at the helm of some government driven parastatal and my own goddam blue light brigade!

  4. Terri ash says:

    Part 3…. Here goes!

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